about manoj

Hallo and thanks for visiting! 

Since Manoj Vijayan was little he has been passionate about art and design and has been fortunate enough to be able to use his skills to help many, many clients enhance their products - book covers, illustration and much more. This portfolio was created to showcase his work and provide a way for you to see how he can help you and your business.

Manoj's clients over the years have included published authors, fitness coaches, alternative health practitioners, startups and established businesses, publishers large and small, humor, romance and science fiction writers, magazines, newspapers and more. 

Manoj has come to graphic design via a fairly unusual route -- he has a degree in Architecture and has worked as an interior designer. He finds his background in spatial thinking enhances his graphic design and helps him come up with innovative solutions to your design problems. 

Manoj's interests include reading, playing the guitar, and alternative healing modalities. He also enjoys dad jokes, pun battles and giving his bio in the third person.